Friday, September 28, 2007


This is were I will be tomorrow! I have been working around the clock on my necklaces! Nuts, I know! No wonder I am sick! I am feeling better today...thank heavens! I will be taking orders for necklaces, keychains, Christmas ornaments, etc. See you there! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

There is light...

at the end of the tunnel! I haven't mentioned it, but I have been sicker than I have been in years. It has gone on for just about 2 weeks now. The kind of sick where you are nauseous, everything you drink or eat, comes back out, and so tired that it is hard to function. Yep, that has been me. I am not one that likes to complain. I have gotten a few sweet phone calls, asking if I was ok. Maybe my blog says more about me than I thought. :) I have been having tests ran, and have been to the Dr. 3 times in 10 days. Soooo not fun! So far my tests are coming back good. I was actually getting a little nervous. Yesterday the Dr. told me that there is a flu that they have only seen in a few adults this year. It is one that totally knocks you flat out. Well, I am thinking I just upped the number of patients that have had this. I told the Dr. I have to get better...I am going to Utah next week! I am sure there had to be humor from hearing that. She told me to take the nausea medication, drink Gatorade, water, and rest. That is the hardest part! I have such a hard time letting myself actually rest. I did take the nausea medication. NEVER again! It knocked me flat out! Drugged flat out. I felt like I was on a different planet. So I have been drinking a lot of Gatorade, and water. I am feeling better this morning! I am praying that I have served my sick time, and the sickness is leaving my body. K, enough of the drama about me! I hope everyone is having a happy morning, and enjoying the cooler temperatures!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Aren't they percious?

I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to make this necklace. My cousin
Ashley, has a friend who had triplets. I think that they are sooooo darling! While I was putting this necklace together I had a lot of thoughts. The main one would I do it? :) I wish this sweet family much love, and happiness.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy! :)

These are in the works. I still need to solder them. My favorite part!

Wow! Life has been busy! It's been a good busy. Yesterday was the sabbath. Steve, and I both had lessons to teach. My lesson was on honesty. When I originally read what the lesson was going to be on, I thought...easy! Then I started praying, and pondering about the blessings that come with honesty. Then I started realizing the pain, and long suffering that can come with being dishonest. This was something I knew these cute girls needed to hear. It was so important to me to do it in a way that really meant something to them. This was not as easy of a lesson as I had originally thought. All, and all it went well. I had more information to share than time allowed. I think they left there knowing, I have a true testimony of being honest. Not just thinking, or saying we are honest. Gut wrenching honesty. The kind of honesty that at the end of the day you can feel good about yourself, and be proud to be a daughter of our heavenly father. After church we went out to Ben, and Dessie's for dinner. Fun times! Those two are the cutest! I was sitting in their home looking at all of my family. Everyone of the kids where there. It about brought tears to my eyes. Actually I think it did! :) I feel so blessed, so honored to be their Mom. I feel so lucky to know that Steve is their Father. I left there home thinking there is nothing more in the world that I ever dreamed of, ever wanted than this. As I am typing this I have tears in my eyes! Maybe it is hormones? I think not, it is what it Enough of the serious stuff! :)

I have been super busy with my necklaces, and charms. Today I will be working on one for someone who just had triplets! I am soooo excited to work on this one. What an honor! Saturday I am going to be in a boutique in Mesa. This has put me fast at work, and little play. I also have had orders this week for the personalized picture necklaces, and key chains. I love seeing the pictures people send me. So fun! I am off to start the day. I hope everyone is having a Happy Monday!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Super Hero!

I made a trip to the post office this afternoon. When I got there I saw that they had Super Hero Stamps! My first thought was I have to have them! My little nephew Christopher LOVES Superman! I am putting a letter in the mail tomorrow for him. He lives in town, but I know he will love seeing the letter for him in the mailbox. I am going to try, and find a card tomorrow that has Superman on it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


When we where up at the cabin about three weeks ago Sarah, and I decided it was the perfect time of year to take some pictures. I had bought this dress for Sarah while we were in Utah a few months ago. I had planned to take pictures of her with something over her shoulders. Well, we forgot that something at home. Heber has two dollar stores, and that is it! So, we where out of luck for finding something to cover her shoulders. I love the way these pictures turned out. They are so Sarah! She is turning into such a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father. There is nothing more I would want than that for her. She radiates beauty, and has the sweetest spirit. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful daughter.

Note: Some of these pictures were taken at a deserted cabin. We thought we where being brave until we saw a tent hidden to the side of it. Looking like someone was probably hiding in a good hiding place! Ekkks! We had some good laughs, and fun!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A busy day! :)

Yep, that's me! I wasn't afraid of this puppy. I was afraid of the one in the cage next to it, big teeth, and growling! :)

Ben, Sarah, and Dessie

Today has been a busy one! It has been a great day, just busy. This morning I had a few errands to run. Then I met up with one of the gals I visit teach, and my visiting teaching partner. We met at Rumbi Grill! Yum! Here is a link to their menu, if you have never been there before.

When I got home Ben, and Dessie where wanting me to go see their new dog that they are adopting from the pound. They won't be able to bring her home until Thursday. She still has some things that need to be taken care of before they can bring her home. Anyhow she is darling!!! It looks just like a dog Ben, and Dessie would chose to be theirs. So cute!

Tonight I am baking my cookies! YUM! I am loving the way the kitchen is smelling. I wish I could bottle this smell up, and keep it. To me their is nothing better than spice, and pumpkin. I am off to clean the kitchen now. Not my favorite part of the backing experience. :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall recipes...

I have been in one of those moods to bake. I was wondering what some of your favorite fall recipes are? Here is a super easy one I want to share. I made this a few times last year, and it my family loved these.

Easy Pumpkin Spice Cookies

1 box spice cake mix
1 (15 ounce) can of solid packed pumpkin
1 cup walnuts (optional) or 1 cup chocolate chips (optional). I used the chocolate chips!
Preheat over to 350F.
Spray cookie sheet with Pam, or vegetable spray.
In a large bowl, mix together the cake mix and pumpkin with a fork until well mixed. Stir in walnuts, or chocolate chips, if desired.
Drop large spoonfuls on cookie sheet.
Bake about 10-14 minutes depending on size of the cookies.
These are so yummy!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Howdy! :)

I thought I would check in real quick to say hello! We have been up at the cabin this weekend. We got home a while ago. Time to get things put away. I hope everyone is having a great Sabbath!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall is in the air at our house...

YUM! :)

I posted a post about fall about a week ago. Well, I did it! I dragged the decor out, and have started putting a few things out. I'm trying to hold off on all of the Halloween deorations for a few more weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays! Now if it would just cool down a little! :) Here are a few pictures.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


These are a few flags from around my neighborhood this morning.

This morning has been one of those mornings when I have stopped to take the time to think, and ponder. I will never forget the day of 9-11. We were still living at our other house. The kids where all getting ready to go to school. I was in the kitchen, and of course had news channel 3 going on in the living room. I was looking across the room, when I saw the images that where being shown on T.V. I remember thinking "Oh no!" I got the kids off to school, and came home and was talking to my Mom on the phone. It was right them that I was realizing how scary, and serious these events where. I got off the phone, and went, and picked up the kids from 3 different schools. One of the schools I had just gotten home from. I wanted them home, and with me. It felt safer, and the thing to do.

I have never really been one to live my life in fear. I learned at a young age if this was the case, than life was going to be long, and hard. I have to admit at this time in our world, I really was scared. I felt so uncertain of our future. This was such a new feeling to me, and so strange. I will never ever forget it.

My heart broke for the life's that where lost. I just couldn't imagine how much pain people where having to endure. It hurt, and still does hurt to think of the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and etc. that would be effected. What a rippling effect.

This morning I had an errand to run. I decided to drive thru my neighborhood on the way back to the house. I wanted to see the flags that where displayed in remembrance of this day. This got me thinking about the war that is being fought right this very minute. I am wondering why we don't have our flag up daily until these soldiers return home safely to their loved ones. Something to think about.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fleur de Jewels

I have had so much fun making my jewelry. I decided it would be easier to make a blog for the jewels! :) I have been making quite a few this week for birthday parties. It has been so fun to personalize them for the recipient. I decided to participate in a few boutiques during the holidays. I am looking forward to it!
Check it out at-

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fall is in the air!

This picture is from the web. I will post pictures of the fall that will be happening at our home! :)

I have been counting down the days before I decorated our front porch/door for fall. Once September comes around I am so excited to get out the fall decorations. Sometimes I feel it is a little unfortunate that it is still 95 outside, and it still feel like summer. Actually this morning was beautiful. I could actually feel fall in the air. To me that is one of the best feelings. I have a love for holidays, and always have. So, when Steve gets home this evening he will be in the attic getting the decorations down. I would get up in the attic, but am afraid to. :) Are you getting excited for fall, and all of the wonderful things that come with it?

I wanted to also post about slowing down. It amazes me how much goes on in this family. Last night I got home from the church. Steve was sitting in the recliner looking like he was about to fall asleep. He is a night owl, so this is unusual for him. We where talking about how tired we both have been feeling. I was sitting there wondering why we both could be feeling this way. I realized that tonight is the first night we have been home in 9 nights! We have literally had one thing after another. We have had family dinners, church activities, etc. etc. I am sure my kids have to be tired too. So tonight we are home! I am a homebody by nature. I have always made a point for the family to be together at night, or at least dinner time. So, this post is about slowing down, and doing what matters the most. Spending time as a family, and enjoying each others company.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lunch with Ashley

Our nice waitress took this picture, it's a little blurry.

Ohhh my! I just got home from Young Women's. I had the grand idea to sew aprons! Why I had this idea, I am still wondering! I don't sew! I gathered all of the supplies that the girls would need, for tonight. I lined up 3 sewing machines, and had plenty of helpers. To make a l-o-n-g short short...2 of the 3 machines where broken! Yikes! One was the wards machine, and the other was a sister in the wards machine. Thank goodness for the one, and only running machine! I was thinking that for the next sewing project, I volunteer for I need to remember to check the machines before hand. That thought lasted about 3 seconds. I came to the conclusion, I am not volunteering anytime soon, to teach 11 girls to sew! :) Anyhow we did get every one's aprons done.

Today I was able to meet up with Ashley, and her sweet little guy. He is the cutest! It was such a treat. It was so nice to sit, and visit with my cousin. I was sitting there chatting when I realized how much we have in common. I know that Heavenly Father puts certain people in our lives for a reason. I feel blessed to have Ashley in mine.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

This picture makes me smile.

Jake enjoying his time in the cooler weather.

Jake having fun!

Steve, and Sarah

Happy Labor day! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. We are off to my Mom's,to eat, and spend the evening with family. Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Annual quilt show

We headed up to the cabin early Friday morning. I think I am in heaven! The temperatures have been about 30 degrees cooler than at home. It always amazes me that it is only 2 hours, and 15 minutes from door to door, and soooo much cooler. Yesterday was a fun day. The annual quilt show was going on. I never miss it! I have always wanted to be able to make these beautiful quilts, that have teeny tiny stitches. I seriously look at these, and think that it would take me years to accomplish one! :) I hope some day this dream of mine comes true. I am determined to learn how to make one of these beautiful pieces, someday. Steve, Jake, Sarah, and I, all headed over to the middle school, to see these beauties. I think Steve, and Jake really went along knowing that there is always a bake sale, that fills the halls, before entering the quilt show. They eat their goodies after viewing the quilts. :) Sticky fingers wouldn't be a good mix with the beautiful quilts. Here are a few pictures of these gorgeous pieces. I always think of the patience, time, thought, and love, that go into the making.