Monday, April 30, 2007

the countdown...

We where all talking yesterday about how fast summer is approaching us. Jake, and Sarah have about 3 weeks left. Nate gets out this week, after completing his first year at college. I have always LOVED summer with the kids. I always start counting the days down with them. Summer is such a good time for us to just "be." I think that life can get so busy, and fast. It seems like the Spring is famous for this. There are all of the end of the school events, sports,final projects, finals etc. I love the fact that the kids can stay up late, and get up a little later. I tend to change my schedule in the summer. I find myself going to bed later too, and trying to sleep in a little. So the countdown is on...18 more days!

Friday, April 27, 2007


It is such a beautiful afternoon. We came up to the cabin in Heber last night. We got here right in time to watch the Sun's game. This is my favorite time of the year in Heber. I love the nice temps when it is warm at home. Tonight we are going to go out with some friends. There is a new Mexican food restaurant in town, so think we will go there. On the drive up last night we saw probably about 20 elk. They are so pretty! Steve is wanting to go fishing. Tomorrow I think we will give that a try. I haven't been in quite a while. Well, I am off to do a few things around here. Then Sarah is wanting to take a walk. I hope everyone is having a wonderful afternoon!

Steve and Molly at play...

Sarah at her best...

Me at work...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy 43 Birthday Julie...

Sarah,Me,Julie,Mom,and Julie's friend Kathy.

We celebrated my Julie's birthday this weekend. I was having problems with posting pictures this weekend! We had a lot of fun spending time together. We went to brunch in Scottsdale at a beautiful place called The Royal Palm. The food was wonderful! Julie is officially 43! Here are a few things I wanted to list about my sister. 1. She is a hard worker 2. She has worked for the same company for quite a few years 3. Christopher is the love of her life! He turns 4 in June 4. She has a love for animals. 5. Her house is decorated like Pottery Barn 6. Julie loves black sandals 7. She drives a Honda 8. She is a good cook 9. She enjoys trying new recipes 10. Family is important to her. I could go on, and on! Happy 43 Birthday Julie!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A sunny day in Arizona!

Opening the answer to the prom, and the answer is....... YES!

I think summer really is officially here. I just read that it is 93 outside. Well, I think I have finally made up my mind to go ahead, and go to Women's Conference next week in Provo. We have had so much happening in our world that I pretty much had decided it wasn't a good time to go. After talking to my sister in law that I am going to go with, I decided it would be a good thing to go. I fly out Weds., and return Sat. afternoon. Jacob has prom that night. One of the biggies was me getting home to get him off. I am so excited for him! He was so cute about the way he asked his date. He brought home poster board, flowers, and balloons. We decided on a fun way to write on the poster. He had Desirae write it all out. She has the best handwriting! Then he took everything over to this little gals house late at night last week. He decorated her car with the balloons, flowers, and poster. A few nights ago the doorbell rang around 9:00 or so. Steve went to the door, and found a BIG box! The box was about the size a TV would fit into. This cute little gal had filled it up with many balloons. In each balloon where different words. Jacob had to put the words together to get his answer! So cute! We will be going to get him fitted for his Tux on Monday. Fun Fun! My little boy is growing up! He is such a wonderful boy. I couldn't be more proud of him. American Idol is tonight!!! Who do you think it going home? I am thinking it may be Lakisha.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SPT-Earth Day...

We use to much TP!
I don't watch a lot of TV during the day. I usually have to much going on. One day last week I did catch about 25 minutes of Oprah. Her show that particular day was called Going Green: Resources for your family. I have so much that I can DO, but just am not DOING it. This show has totally motivated me! I know that we use way to much electricity at our house, way to mucn T.P., etc. We do recycle, and do use our big blue garbage can. I know that we could do better at this too. I have been pretty good at recycling clothes. We try to go thru our clothes 2 times a year, and give away what we don't use. I really like this challenge this week. It is one that I think of every now, and again, but not enough.


Monday, April 23, 2007

pictures to follow...

I was wanting to post some pictures of my Sister's birthday get together yesterday. Jake is doing something to save all of the pictures on the computer. I for some reason am not able to find my pictures at the moment. I will post them later today. My sister Julie truned 43 yesterday. We spent part of the day in Scottsdale with her. I haven't blogged in a few days, and wanted to check in with all of my fellow bloggers! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'm off to get some technical support. :)

Friday, April 20, 2007


YEA! It is finally Friday! This has been one crazy week. We have had so much stuff going on here. I think that Steve is starting to feel a tiny bit better. He is on his second day of antibiotics. I am hoping that he can take it easy this weekend for the most part. Today I have been in one of those moods where I just want to be at home. I did go to the store this morning, and run a few errands this afternoon, but that was about it. I have been cooking a roast in the crock pot all day. We are going to have roast, carrots, rolls,and fruit salad. I feel like I have been just throwing meals together all week. We have had something going on every night this week. It is so nice to have a night off. It seems like the spring time is always like this. Between now, and when the kids get out of school we are on the go. I am looking forward to summer! Even knowing I don't handle the heat to well, I love summer! I love the time with the kids. I enjoy the fact that everyone can sleep in if they want, or stay up late if they want. Do any of you find this time of year to be be more busy than usual? Well, I am off to get dinner on the table. I hope everyone is having a great night!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

a fast post...

Thank you all for yout well wishes for Steve'syogurt situation yesterday. He got over that little episode, but continued to feel horrible all day & night. He just got home from the Dr., and he has Bronchitis. So they gave him a prescrition he will get right on. I am hoping he will be back to his old self super soon! He is not a good sick person! :) I am off to Mutal here in a few minutes. We are working with the girls for their outdoor cooking certification. So, I got all of the food this morning to make tinfoil dinners, rolls, etc. It has been a busy day. I have to comment on American Idol! I was so glad that it was Sanjaya's turn to go home. Then I felt sad for him! K, I am nuts! Have a great night friends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the worst wife...

I think I just won the award for the worst wife! This morning I got up, walked into the kitchen, and got a little breakfast. It consisted of a banana, and yogurt. I ate them both, and didn't give a second thought about it. Steve asked me a few minutes later how I liked my yogurt? I told him it was pretty good. Then I kind of thought, why is he asking me a question like this so early in the morning. Well, the date on the yogurts we ate had expiration dates of over 2 months ago. The morning went on, kids went to school, Steve to work etc. I was sitting at my desk in the kitchen when I heard the back door open. It was my poor husband sicker than a dog!!! He has been sick all morning! I had just bought yogurt at the store last week. I took a look at them, and they where a different brand. So to make a long story short a few yogurts had gone unnoticed, and have had a place in the fridge for a few months now! Ugghhh! The kids have a half of a day today. I think I will take them to do something when they get home. Hopefully Steve can get some sleep. I am feeling lucky that I don't have the symptoms Steve has. Have you ever done something that you find yourself shaking your head at? Today is one of those days for me. P.S. American Idol is tonight! Last night was pretty good. I think Chris may have blown it for himself with his comment to Simone. Sanjya has to GOOOOO! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SPT-shopping spree...

I have been thinking about today's challenge for a few days now. I really need shorts for summer, but am in the middle of loosing weight. So that has to be on hold for a little while longer. I also thought about a new church dress. I had the same problem. I have been loosing weight, so better wait. Today my Mom, and I decided to go to Nordstrom's. We walked straight into the shoe department. I saw some adorable shoes!!! The pair that I had to have where made by Jessica Simpson. Did you know she is now selling shoes??? It shocked me! So it just happened that this shopping spree SPT did end on a day that I was out shopping. I didn't spend 100.00 on these little shoes, but more than I should have. Oh well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thank you!

Finally had time to get in touch with nature...Haha! MOOOO!

Headed back home early this morning...

First off I want to thank all of you for your sweet words of support. I can't express to you how much they mean to me. I have been reflecting on my blogging experience. I have met so many wonderful people. When I started blogging I thought that I would basically be journaling, and that was about it. Ohh, how I was so wrong. Heavenly Father has blessed me with wonderful friends. Well, we had to head up to Heber Friday afternoon. We had a meeting we had to be at, at 4:30. Can you believe I forgot the laptop??? I about went thru withdrawl! I think getting out of town was the best thing for me. I was able to spend quiet time alone out doors, catch up on sleep, and relax. This is just what I needed after the week I had, had. When Steve told me we had a meeting Friday I thought he meant here in town. I found out a few days before that it was up in Heber. I thought at that time, this is just one more thing to add to this crazy week! I know Heavenly Father knew what I needed. This was a true tender mercy. I am feeling much better. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. I just realized I better add that our cabin is in Heber Arizona, not Heber Utah.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

this is a long one...

I have to admit this has been one week! Thru the years I have had many trials. I realized about 7 year ago that my happiness is up to me. I have worked very hard to come to the place I am in my little world. I basically have been a work in progres. This is a good, and poitive thing. I love my life. This might sound a little nutty, but I am always so excited to wake up, and start a new day. There is just so much good in life. Today isn't one of those days. Have you ever had a week, that everytime you turn around there is another probelm? Not a little problem, something that rattles your world. That is just how this week has been. We got home from Logandale on Sunday night. I had such a happy, and full heart. I think this was the calm before the storm. We have had teenager problems, teenager girlfriend problems, sleepless nights, a stepdad that is headed to surgery soon, Steve's stepdad that had emergency surgery thru the night last night, a mother in law that's heart is breaking, etc. You get the picture. I sit here, and think about life. I think about why we are here. I think about Heavenly Father's plan. I also am thinking that Heavenly Father has to be tired of me. I think I have been in prayer at least every 2 hours. I a joking about the part that he is tired of me. I know how he loves me. So this post is not the most upbeat one that I have posted. This post is from my heart. I know that everything will work out just the way it is supposed to.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol!

I have never been one to watch a lot of T.V. I have always liked to listen to the news, but rather than that, I am not one to have regular shows. K, I am hooked! Every Tuesday, and Wednesday night I am sitting in the recliner waiting for American Idol!!! I love seeing how every week is so different. I am going to share a little secret. Sanjya has to go!!! :) I am so badly trying to see him in a different light. It just isn't happening. Tonight the Sun's are also playing. Steve, and some of the kids are using the tickets tonight. He probably thinks I am nuts! I would much rather watch my show than go to another game! I have had so much opportunity to go that I am not missing out to much. I have to give a shout out though...GO SUN'S! Yes, I am a big fan. Well, I am off to get a few things done before the fun begins. Do you watch American Idol? What shows are your favorites?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPT challenge...

Stevo and I!

Pretty Egg!

I need to get some of the pictures of me when I was a little girl. My Mom has all of them. I sadly can't dig in the archives for a picture of me when I was younger. I posted so many pictures of our trip we took. Here are a few that I didn't post that where taken Easter, and Easter weekend. One memory I will never forget is something my Dad told us. There was a time when we where living in Medford Oregon. We had come outside to do our Easter egg Hunt, I believe. My Dad told us he had seen the Easter Bunny a few minutes before we got out there. I TOTALLY believed him. I even asked him what direction he hopped off to. I was looking left, then right... That is one memory that has stuck with me. I believe I was probably 5-6 years old. I have always tried to make Easter a very special time for my kids. They still love to hunt eggs, even knowing they are older. They enjoy the festivities of the season.-

Monday, April 9, 2007

A few more pictures of Easter...

My Family!

Sarah looking for eggs...

Trudy and I.


I have been dragging today. I think that the few hours of sleep I have had for the past 3-4 nights have caught up with me. I did make it to the grocery store this morning. That was a must! Here are a few more pictures of our Easter weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.

Easter in Logandale...

Decorating Easter Egss!

MJ and I.

Sarah and MJ.

Pantie hose and gloves...WHAT?

Wacky hair competition....Hilarious!

I missed reading every one's posts while I was gone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We got back in town last night around 9:30. We had such a wonderful weekend!!! I feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with such special people. Rick, and Wendy went out of their way to be wonderful hosts. We had some of the yummiest food! Thank you Wendy for sharing your hot fudge recipe with me. I am going to give it a try for Family Home Evening tonight. We played some of the funnest games, and funniest games. I never thought I would see the men in the family in panty hose! :) It was wonderful to see everyone, and make lasting memories. We missed having Nathaniel and Desirae with us. They both had to stay back because of job commitments. It didn't feel complete without them with us. More pictures to come...


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hppy Easter...

We are off later today to go spend time in Logandale Nevada with Steve's side of the family. I can't wait to see everyone! Tomorrow night we are going to see Circus Ole in Las Vegas. We will be going with all of the adults, and young adults. This should be a great time! I LOVE family! To me there is nothing more in life that I would rather do than create memories. I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I have challenged myself to take 15 minutes alone, and really ponder, and think about Easter. What it means, how it has blessed me, etc. When I take a look outside, and see all of the beautiful flowers blooming it really makes me think. There is really something special about this time of year. Spring has sprung, and Easter, all at the same time. If you want to join me in the 15 minute challenge that would be great! I'll catch up with everyone Sunday.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SPT- play well with others...

I really look forward to Self Portrait Tuesday. I love the fact that it gives me a chance to journal about something I normally wouldn't have thought of myself. Today challenge is "play well with others." This topic really got me thinking. When I met Steve I was really kind of a sheltered girl. I was one that was kind of afraid to try new things. I didn't have any brothers growing up. Maybe this had something to do with it? I married Steve, and new I was in trouble! This man LOVES to play! We then had Benjamin, Nathaniel, and Jacob. Three boys in three, and a half years. I have stated before these boys are ALL boy! They love to play, and play hard. They learned from the best, their Dad. Sarah came along 4 1/2 years later. Sarah also loves to have fun! All of these years later I find myself skiing, quadding, hiking, water skiing, fishing, etc. I love being with my family. I do whatever they do. I have learned to have fun!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures that Sarah took of Steve, and I last night right before our walk. I think they fit great because Steve has been encouraging me to have fun, and play for the past 22 years! He has always been my cheerleader. Thank you Steve!


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday morning...

What a beautiful Conference morning it is. It was so precious to see President Hinckley this morning. I am so glad that we recorded conference. I ended up falling asleep! Not good! I am going to watch the rest of it this afternoon. Donna, and her family made it into town yesterday around 10:30 or so. Sarah, and I went over to get her, and Emily around 2:00. We went to Cafe Rio for lunch. That place is always so good! Then brought the girls back to my house, and they played for a while. Donna, and I headed over to one of my favorite decorating stores called "Poppy's." We then headed back home, and let the girls swim for a while. That was fun for them. Later Steve, and I got to go out to dinner with Ryan, and Donna. So fun!!! What a wonderful family they all are. Donna is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. What a wonderful friend she is.