Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a safe, and BOOtiful Halloween!

On a spooky Halloween night,
When Goblins and witches come out to fight,
When children go out to say "Trick or Treat",
When goblins and witches and people meet.
Around the town loud noises roar,
And when you hear the sound,
"Knocking" at your door.
Should you open it?
Should you be scared?
Trick or Treaters are everywhere!
But don't you worry,
And don't you fright,
Its only one day,
One evening,
Its Halloween Night!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


For anyone that knows me, they know that I never have really liked laundry. To me it is an endless job! I have been trying to change my attitude, and just do it! :) Today I realized I am actually to the point, that I am washing throw rugs! I am almost giddy over this! :) I thought it would be appropriate to show pictures of the laundry room. I finally can see all of the counter tops! Yiipeee Skiipeeee! Is there one chore in your home that you just have never cared for? I also thought I would ask for laundry tips. I am trying to make this dreaded job a little more exiting! hee hee.

Monday, October 29, 2007

a fun weekend!

We got in town yesterday afternoon. Steve took the boys to the dunes in California for the weekend. I took the girls to the cabin. Sarah, Erin, Sarah's good friend Kelsi, and I headed up the mountain Friday afternoon. It was so fun to be with these girls! They decided since Halloween is this week, they wanted to watch a few scary movies on Saturday. I also need to add that Sarah, and Kelsi didn't fall asleep until around 4:00 yesterday morning! I think they got spooked! :) Everyone made it home safe, and sound. Steve, and the boys arrived home yesterday around 4:00 or so.

I had a chance to work on a key chain last night. I love the picture, and quote that was used. These little feet are so cute! The quote on the back says, There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the pitter pat of little feet.
Here are a few others that were made as CHristmas gifts also.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Could it really be...

I think I finally am going to have some free time! I have had a stash of catalogues, and magazines coming in. I haven't had any time this past week, and a half to consider opening one of them. I think my crazy busy streak has calmed down! Tonight I plan to sit in the recliner, and look thru my magazines! Does anyone else get as giddy as I do, about being able to actually sit down, and read, or flip thru catalogues, and or magazines?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My house and laundry need me! :)

I am serious need of cleaning! I wish there was just one day I could stay home all day, and catch up. I usually have been good at taking Monday as my major chore day. This way things get done after the weekend. I have had so much going on with kids, appointments, more appointments, church, etc. I feel like I have fallen behind! Eeekks!!! Does anyone else ever have weeks that all they can do is wait for a good Ol' cleaning day? Hopefully my day will be on Thursday!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy Sunday...

It has been a busy morning. I just got done having a leadership meeting here. Before the meeting we took the girls, that are in the presidency to visit a sweet little lady in our ward. She is 96!!! She was all ready for church, and looked beautiful. I love the wise words of elderly people. We are headed to church in about an hour. After church we will head over to Steve's Dad's house for dinner. We are all looking forward to seeing him. It has been quite a while since we saw him last.

I am loving the weather! I have the windows opened up, and am enjoying the breeze. Yesterday we went to the nursery, and picked out some flowers. Steve did such a good job at planting them! I worked on the rosebushes while Steve planted. It was nice to be outside together on such a nice day. Well, I am off to get my bag ready for church. I hope everyone is having a wonderful sabbath!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween fun!

I found this wonderful site today. I thought I would share it with you. There are some darling activities to do for Halloween! There is decorations, costumes, crafts etc. So fun!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

hard days, and lunch

It has been a very hard couple of days. We had to put our sweet Golden Retriever Austie down on Monday evening. I will write more about this later. Yesterday was one of those days were I felt like I had 0% energy. I pulled myself together, and went to lunch with Cousin Ashley, Crazymama, and Hotmama. It sure did lift my spirits. It was so fun to sit, and chat for a few hours. Then I went over to Ashley's for a while, and got to see her DARLING family! I also got to spend a little time in her theater room! This room is 100% better than Harkins!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I love the sabbath. It is a time to attend the meetings that mean the world to me. I look forward to the spirit I feel when I enter the doors of the church building, and chapel. I have to say for this I am blessed, and grateful. I will admit that there was a time in my life that I didn't quite feel this way. I am so glad that, that time came, and went. If there is something that came of that time, it is that I learned! Somethings are harder to learn than others. Those years are many behind me. I truly believe that there was a reason for this trying time in my life.

Today I woke up real teary eyed. This isn't really like me at all. I usually wake up happy! I kept wondering what in the world! Later in the day my heart started racing just a little. I then realized it was the spirit telling me to bare my testimony today. I though...not today! I truly do enjoy sharing my testimony, but do admit it makes my heart pitter pat. It felt so good to stand before the people that teach me, that teach my children, that have taught my children, and the sweet girls that I teach. I looked down into their faces, and felt like, this is just right were I need to be. Up there standing, and baring my heart. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love my Heavenly Father. I have been blessed upon measure. My heart is full today. I am sharing this on my blog mainly because this is my documentation of my life. I hope that when my children look back at this someday, this will be a gentle reminder of the love I have of the gospel. I also wanted to share my testimony to those who have ever wondered a little more about my beliefs, and why I I try daily to hold onto what I believe is true. I hope everyone had a wonderful sabbath. Michelle


Friday, October 12, 2007

We are home!

Rebeca, Sarah, the girls, and I! We went to Gardners Village. So pretty this time of the year.

I love this quote that is posted in the plant. It is by President Hinckly

Steve and I...eye protection is a must!

Nannie, Steve, Jake, and, and Sarah entering the plant

Steve, Jake, and Sarah

Jake checking out the new showroom

Bud in his office at Amsco. I am so happy he is feeling better!

We made it home last night right after 9:30. It is was so good to see Nathan. I sure wish that he would have been able to go with us to Utah. College doesn't have a fall break!:( I missed Ben, and Dessie too. I can't wait to see them! I am keeping my fingers crossed that during Christmas break we will all be together in Midway. Here are some more pictures. It was so good to see family while we were in Utah. My father in law has been sick for the past 10 months. He looked like he was feeling better. This was the first week that he actually got out, and about. He even has been driving himself to the office! He hasn't driven in months! He has even gained weight in the past month or so. Progress! We took the kids on a tour of the plant at Amsco. It was so good to see Bud back in his office.

Sarah, and I went over to Rebecca's for a visit. It was so fun to see her, and the girls again! Her house is darling!!! It looks just like Rebeca! I love the large yard, so pretty!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Park City...

Steve and I

Jake and Sarah

Jake, and Mom

Today we spent some time in Park City. We have a tender spot in our hearts for Park City. We lived there for a short while when we where wating to move into our home that we bought in Sandy. That was about 14 years ago. We spent some time in the shops, taking pictures, and eating lunch. Jake got a new snowboard. He is so exited to get back up here in December. Sarah found a few treasures today. She found a cute pair of jeanes, and some shoes. Tonight we at left overs at home. Not to fancy! We took the kids our for milk shakes later. We are missing Ben, Nate, and Dessie. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Merrit, Stacie, and MJ

The Salt Lake Temple

Jake was a trooper! He even helped with the driving. We arrived in S.L.C. at 3:00ish a.m.

We loved conference yesterday. We went to the afternoon session. It felt so good to be there with my family. I loved hearing the words that were spoken. We spent the day tpday watching confernce with my nieces, Merrit, and MJ. It has been a nice day staying in, and being together. We did get out to take a walk this afternon. It amazes me the difference in temps between Midway, and Arizona. There is about a 40-50 difference! Here are a few pictures. I hope everyone had a great sabbath.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Braces, and General Conference


Sarah, and Dr. Dickerson

anticipation...Minutes before the braces begin to come off.

Yesterday was the day! Sarah got her braces off yesterday morning!!! We got up, and moving! We left for the orthodontist about 7:20. I was SOOO happy for Sarah. She had her braces on, start to finish for about 4 years. It was so great to see her, see the end results of a goal, she set 4 years ago! I just have to share some pictures of her!

We are headed to Utah this afternoon. I am sooo exited! I haven't been in three months, and it seems like forever! We will be driving straight thru! We have tickets for tomorrow afternoon's General Conference session. We are all looking forward to this! I have been one time. Steve hasn't ever been. This will be Jake, and Sarah's first time too. The other's wont be joining us :(.
College, and jobs aren't allowing them to go with us. I figure we wont get to bed until about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning! ugghhh! We will be able to sleep awhile, and be to temple square around 12:00. While we are in Utah we plan to just have fun! I can't wait to see the leaves colors! I love this time of the year there! We are so exited to see family! We miss all of our Utah family! So, I won't be blogging to much. I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I have been blessed...

The Toby Keith concert we went to about 4 weeks ago. These photos were taken that night.

This is the place that Steve asked me to marry him. He brought up the fact that there are now sunflowers there.

Today has sure been a good day. I woke up thinking...Steve will be home tonight. He has been away this week in Sedona. He has a project going on up there. I was driving home from running errands today. I started thinking about Steve. I have now known him just about 24 years!!! Isn't that amazing! In January we have been married 23 of those 24 years. We did get married very young. I was 18, 3 weeks shy of 19! That doesn't even sound like me! I know that Heavenly Father knew what was right. So needless to say Steve, and I have been thru so much together. We have many many wonderful memories!One of my goals in this life is making memories. Memories,are what it is all about to me. We also have some memories that have ruffled our world. Illnesses, stitches, heart break, broken bones, broken hearts, loss of family members, cancer scares, and many more memories that can either make a relationship suffer, or gain strength. We have been blessed to have one another. We also have been blessed with 4 wonderful blessings in our life's. Well, now we have 5, with Dessie, Ben's wife. It felt so good driving thru Mesa, and Gilbert today. It gave me time with no interruptions. I had time to reflect. I know with all of my heart that if I follow Heavenly Father's plan that all of these wonderful blessings that play a huge role in my life daily, will be with us forever. What more could I ever want? I feel blessed, and much gratitude.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I am there, I really am! :)

I have been wanting to start back to Self Portrait Tuesday! I realized it was Tuesday, and I didn't really want to be in the portrait! hee hee! I am home cleaning, and working on laundry today. I thought there really is no need to get cleaned up for that! So I did put myself in the portrait, just a little! There are a few pictures that some of you may have already seen. Since I love fall, and really love all of the holidays I kind of started a little early!


Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1st!

I love this month! I think it has to be one of my favorites for sure. There is so much that comes with the month of October. Finally cooler temps! We are actually for casted for rain today! :) There are new colors, leaves changing, wonderful scents, and so on! I also am beginning to think about Christmas ideas! Does anyone else love this month as much as I do? Happy October! :) I also wanted to let you know, I had so much fun on Saturday! It was so great to be able to meet some blogging friends that where at the boutique! I was very happy with the outcome of the boutique. We sold necklaces, and took orders for new ones to be made.