Thursday, October 30, 2008

troubled water...

When one of my children is in pain, I have very similar feelings. The past 2 days have been incredibly painful. I have been praying that my Father in Heaven will lead, and direct me. I need to give comfort at a time like this. I wont share much, because it is a private matter, not for a public blog. You never you know, who reads the daily happenings of our group.. I want everyone to know, that I sure do appreciate your friendship, and kindness, that you share with me. Just know that for the next few days, my attention will be on one of the loves of my life.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nie Nie...concert

I have been more than touched my Nie Nie's story. The first time I contacted Nie Nie it was via e-mail. She makes beautiful silhouettes. She had posted on her blog that she was going to be making them for customers! I was thrilled with this news. I asked her if she could make them of my children. She did just that! They turned out beautiful, and hang in my front room. About 4 months later, I was able to take a class from her. She then taught me to make silhouettes. I have more fun creating them. I remember leaving the class, that Saturday afternoon. She walked me to the door, as I was to leave. She said to me...We will keep in touch. I can't tell you how many times I have visualized this memory.

The concert was wonderful! The feeling that filled the auditorium Saturday evening was so special. Steve, Sarah, her friend, Kellsie, and I, all went together. Steve is such a trooper! He loved every minute of that concert. He too is following Nie Nie's story. I have learned much from this sweet friend. I have learned from her tragedy. For a while that bothered me. I didn't want a tragedy, of such a special person, to be a lesson to me. Now I look at it in a way, that has evolved. Heavenly Father has his hands in everything. I know if I stay close to him always, he will continue to send me people, and messages that I need in my life.

This morning when I read this I got tears in my eyes, and sighed a sigh of relief. I also thanked my Heavenly Father for having his hands in all things.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Giveaway...

I want to share with you me experience of the concert. I will do that when I have a little more time. There is such emotion, behind the Nielson story.

My cousin Ashley is having a GIVEAWAY on her blog! She is sooo talented. She took our family photos for Christmas last year..... She is by far the best photographer we have ever had. She has some wonderful, and fun ideas! She is scheduling for Christmas photo sessions now. Go check her out at

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today is such a beautiful Saturday. The high this afternoon is supposed to be in the high 80's. The air has a special feel to it. The clouds are so blue. Fall feels like it is in the air. This afternoon I am going to go watch my nephew, Christopher play T-ball. We went to see him last week. It was his very first game of the season. He looked sooo cute! It brought back many memories of when my boys played T-ball. Tonight we are going to go see Mindy Gledhill. She is performing in behalf of Nie Nie, and Christian Nielson. I really am looking forward to it! I believe there is still tickets left if anyone else is interested. There is a link to purchase them on Nie Nie's blog. Well, I am off to get my house picked up. It seems to be calling my name. A mother's work is never done. :) I am glad of that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall break comes to a end...

Sarah and Dessie

Dessie and I

Sarah, and Dessie

Well, fall break is officially over. School resumed yesterday morning. It was wonderful to have 9 days of family time, no schedules, late nights, late mornings, etc. We ended the weeks activities by taking the kids, and some of their friends to the state fair, on Friday night. We wanted to go this particular night so we could 1. celebrate Steve birthday which was the following day. and 2. To see Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lambers perform. We had a great time with everyone together! Geepers, those fair rides are looking scarier, and scarier to me. My kids, and Steve tend to be pretty darn fearless. I would watch from the ground as some of these rides sounded like they may fall apart momentarily! Rickity rickity rickity...

Sarah, Dessie, and I went to Schnepf's farm on Thursday. We enjoyed our time there. There were so many darling fall things to see! We were able to feed some deer, which was a first for us. I will be posting about Steve's birthday later. It is always fun to celebrate another year with him!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend pictures, and Schnepf's farm...

Steve and Sarah

This morning we are going to take off, and go to Schnepf's farm It is always a good day of good ol' fashioned fun! There are hayrides, cornfields, pumpkin patches, etc. Halloween just wouldn't feel the same without visiting a pumpkin patch.

Here are the pictures that I couldn't find of this weekend. I was happy to see that I just had over looked them. While we were up at the cabin, we took a little drive to Pinedale. It is only about 15 minutes away. There was the cutest bridge that we came upon. I had to get a few picture of Steve, and Sarah standing near it. The only problem was, a car started coming our direction. So, I didn't get all of the pictures I wanted, but did get a few. The leaves are just starting to change colors up north. I would imagine in another few weeks it will be absolutely beautiful with changing colors.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall break...

This week is fall break for us. The boys don't have a break from college. :( Thanifully though, they are both done with all of their classes by Wednesday. I am planning some fun family activities, to do this week. Steve, Sarah, and I headed up to Heber on Friday of last week. We spent three nights there, and I wasn't quite ready to come home. The weather is changing seasons, and it is beautiful. When we left to come home yesterday morning, it was 17!!! I took some fun pictures while we were there. I just got done downloadng a bunch, and realized they must have been from the other camera. Pictures to follow shortly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

To cute to pass up...

I saw this cute idea on someone's blog a while back. I wish I could remember who's it was, so I could thank them.

In our house we all enter through the garage, and then come through the laundry room door. I have always tried to make the laundry room look as inviting as I can. The days that the laundry is stacked a mile high, is a totally different story. :) I have always put pictures, quotes,etc. in there. I should mention, not only family comes through that door, but about 95% of the kids friends, etc. enter there too. I found this darling idea a while ago, and am going to do it! I love the fact of the simplicity this brings. Canvas, paint, and a picture of those I love! I will post the finished product when I am done.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christmas help...

I have had something on my mind today. The thought of trying to get organized for Christmas, keeps coming up. I think this has to be the year. The year that I am officially sitting down with myself, and making a agenda. Every Christmas it seems like, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I do love the Christmas season, don't get me wrong. It is actually one of my favorite times of the year. The big problem is...I procrastinate! I work great under pressure. This is not always a good thing. I think I have gotten sick every year, for as long as I can remember, right after Christmas. I think this is my body telling me, to get with it! :) Time to get organized, so this wont happen year after year. So, this is my question to you, my dear friends. Do any of you follow an agenda for the holidays? For example, do you have a date that your Christmas pictures have to be taken by? Do you have a date set, that you know your shopping will be done? I am open to any, and all suggestions my friends. Thanks bunches, The procrastinating Mom. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008


S-p-O-o-K-y spiders!
Miss Mollie

It sure feels good to have Friday here. It has been a good week, but a busy one. This weekend I hope to get a few projects done. I think I will actually work on my sewing skills! Wish me luck! We are planning on having a low key weekend around here. I am so excited to lounge around, and watch conference.

I finished my spider web, I was working on. I am pleased with the way it turned out. Now I am brainstorming on ideas, how I want to decorate the lighting for Christmas! :)

I just have to throw in this picture of Mollie, that was taken this week. It was a few days before she had her hair cut. Sarah put some tulle on her, and she looked so cute! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boy oh Boy - Nate

Nate didn't do it! I was hoping the realization would come to him, that at the bottom of the stairs is a wall! :)

This weekend I was doing something in the kitchen. If I remember right, I was putting together the candy jars. I heard Nate yell my Name from up stairs. He asked me to come there. I walked over to the staircase, and this is what I saw!!! Yes, I was a little scared. My kids have loved sliding down stairs. When Ben, and Dessie lived here they would all stand at the bottom of the stairs, and see how fast the others could go down the stairs on their knees! Kids!