Friday, July 6, 2007

Fun in Midway!

Lizzy, and Izzy

Steve, Laurie, and Rick...showing their injuries from the slide..hmmm the only three that got hurt!

Jake, and Sarah getting ready to ride the Alpine Slides in Park City!

Izzy being sooooo cute!

Jake and Izzy...

Stacie, and Sarah having fun!

I love you Miss Sarah

Happy 13th Birthday Sarah!

Fun times on the 4th!

Steve, and M.J.

Sarah, Nanny, and Jake

up up ,and away...

We made it home safe, and sound from Utah yesterday afternoon. We had so much fun!!! We where able to spend 8 days with family that we love so much! As I sit, and reflect on our time, it can bring tears to my eyes. One of my mottos in life is making memories. It isn't the cars we drive, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear that we will remember. I am all for taking as much time as we can, for making lasting memories with the ones we love. We did just that.


Blogger Laurie said...

It looks like you had such a great time! You family looks like they are crazy fun. That cake is absolutely beautiful!

July 6, 2007 at 8:19 AM  
Blogger Carolee said...

I love your motto. It is so true.
I am so glad you all had such a fun time with your family.

July 6, 2007 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger Rebecca D. said...

Oh how I've missed you!!!! I love your attitude about making memories! So true! You are a great example to all of us in reminding us what is important!

July 6, 2007 at 9:50 AM  
Blogger donna said...

k what happen to jacob's leg????? WOW!

What a wonderful time you all had. My mission President lives in midway. President, Probst.

Hey we need to talk. I will call you soon girl friend. OH hey,Miss Emily is getting braces July 19th on Ryan's b-day.

July 6, 2007 at 12:20 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

I am so glad that you had sush a great trip. It is all about making memories. I love what you said. All of it is so true. The pictures are all so cute and I am interested in what happened to the leg also? THe bday cake is so great. Glad it went to well.

July 6, 2007 at 12:50 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

So true.
Beautiful pictures! I'm glad your trip was enjoyable, but dang, we should have met up in Park City! My husband actually was playing golf in Midway on the fourth. :)
You are so dang beautiful and so is your sweet Sarah!

July 6, 2007 at 1:46 PM  
Blogger sista # 2 said...

Welcome home! Looks like a blast.Especially the cake!haha j/k.
Chat soon ;)ciao

July 6, 2007 at 2:00 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Welcome back! What happened to the leg?! YIKES! The pictures are so beautiful (as are all of you!!) and can't wait to hear more news about your trip!!

BTW .. LOVE that cake!

July 6, 2007 at 2:26 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Such great pictures!!! I really like Sarah's cake.

July 6, 2007 at 3:00 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Welcome home!! Sarah's cake is beautiful--did you make it? I am good for Monday. Just let me know a time. The rest of the week unfortunately may be shot anyway (you will be at girls camp as well)

Glad you had a great trip!

July 6, 2007 at 5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I love your motto. You certaintly look like you had a blast!

July 6, 2007 at 6:47 PM  
Blogger A Life of A Teenage Drama Queen said...

Hey Mom! We made so many memories! I had a blast! It was so good to see everyone. Hopefully we will get to go back soon. I love you!

July 6, 2007 at 6:48 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

You are so cute. I just love your posts. You always have such cute pics of your cute family...I agree, cars, houses...none of that really matters...

July 6, 2007 at 7:54 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Looks like a great time (minus the injuries)! And I love your motto about making memories, it's one of my most important things also!

July 6, 2007 at 9:03 PM  
Blogger Price Cream Parlor said...

Looks like a fantastic time! How cute is your family!

July 6, 2007 at 9:49 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

Summers in Utah are the best! Even more so when you are spending time with the people you love most! I get to do that the next few weeks. We will be having a family reuion in Midway and doing the good ol' Alpine slide (I guess I'll have to be careful) Thanks for your always inspiring posts.

July 6, 2007 at 10:37 PM  
Blogger Holly said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! What great fun - and what a beautiful cake - lots of fondant!!!

July 7, 2007 at 1:33 AM  
Blogger lelly said...

looks like you are having TONS of fun with the family!!

July 7, 2007 at 9:32 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Love that cake! Did you save me a slice? :)
Your family is so cute!

July 7, 2007 at 3:26 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

So much fun!! I love family time and making memories. Glad your back on the computers. :D

July 7, 2007 at 5:31 PM  
Blogger careymc said...

So glad you had a fun trip! I missed seeing you online and reading your fun blog!

Those pics. are great. What an awesome cake that is!!!

Oh, and those Alpine slides! My boys adored those! I miss visiting Park City... Glad you're back. :)

July 7, 2007 at 8:58 PM  
Blogger SHERI said...

Looks like a fun time- Love that cake!!

July 8, 2007 at 10:43 PM  
Blogger onehm said...

FUN TRIP! Love that cake! We love Midway...

July 9, 2007 at 9:36 PM  

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